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          更新: Loxone App 11.2.2

          2020年12月22日 in 產品技術

          從今天起,可以下載免費且功能強大的Loxone?App?11.2.2版本!iOS應用程序現在支持Apple的快捷指令,以使Loxone?App中的常用操作更便于找到。Android版本還擁有許多改進。因此,請確保您可以使用Loxone App V11.2.2,以使用最新功能。


          在眾多改進中,Loxone App最新版本中的一項特別酷的新功能是可以為iOS設備上添加快捷指令的選項,以便于常用操作(例如打開特定照明)。
          (系統要求:運行iOS 13或更高版本的iPhone / iPad,運行watchOS 7的Apple Watch)


          此更改日志列出了可最新版本的Loxone App中的更新內容:

          Technical Changelog App 11.2.2:


          • Use actions triggered in the Loxone App are available in the iOS Shortcuts app (Requires watchOS 7)
          • See your last played items in the Audioserver visualization
          • Siri Shortcuts donation: Actions done by the user will be donated to Siri. Suggestions will be made on the Siri Widget and Shortcuts App.
          • Audioserver: History of the last played items per player and Miniserver user
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-T666: New experience when adding a Spotify account. The user is now offered a screen to add music to his Spotify account
          • Audioserver: Follow/Unfollow Songs, Artists, Playlists, Albums and Title without open the Spotify App
          • Haptic Feedback when opening contextual menus
          • macOS: Big Sur like App icon


          • Systemstate: R12-T586: Did show update Miniserver message even though user has no permission to do so
          • Touch & Grill: R12-I192: Target Temperature won’t update when changed.
          • Eco-Screen: R12-I181: AM/PM causes text to overflow in portrait mode or narrow screens.
          • Audioserver: Couldn’t start playlists in the playlists section right from the cover
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1303: Artist covers are shown as a circle again
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1281: Couldn’t add a newly created local playlist as a Favorite
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1295: Browsable items could be opened multiple times when quickly tap on them multiple times
          • Audioserver: Non rectangular artist covers were cut of in the circled view
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1288: Last row of long lists was not fully visible on macOS
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1286: Couldn’t access artists context menu from cell
          • App Menu: R12-I166: Not needed security item for desktop apps removed
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1277: Did show wrong favorite when editing after reordering
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1263: Stuck in “rescanning library” when closing and reopening app while library is rescanned
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1095: Central Audio Player control may show that a player is playing while performing an update of the Audioserver
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1262: Changing a NAS setting did not correctly update the UI (fixing config errors)
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1260: Did show Context Button or Add button on radio category cards and cells
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1270: Added hover tooltip to read the whole title of a song even if its to long to show
          • Audioserver: Did always send a “reorder” command even though no reordering was made when leaving the Favorite Edit screen on HD
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1339, AUDIO1-I1341: Adoptions to new “Add Spotify User” flow
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1340: We now show all genres in the “Add Spotify User” flow
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1343: Jumping search bar in “Add Spotify User” flow
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1342: Loading View now has the same color as its background (Search,? New “Add Spotify User” flow, …)
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1344: Title Bar will now adopt for screens background color instead of staying black
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1345: Minor search UI Adoption
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1310: Favorites may not update in the favorites edit screen
          • Audioserver: Improved initial loading times and multiple initial refresh due to Spotify
          • Audioserver: Fixed ViewManagement of the “Add Spotify User” flow on HD devices
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1324: Couldn’t jump to specific playlist from queue
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1322: Blackscreen when jumping from the EcoPlayer into a playlist
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1336: Did show “Favorite can’t be deleted” popup on the second favorite
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1350: Waiting popup when open the Audio player on HD devices
          • Audioserver: AUDIO1-I1353: Missing Announcement option when opening the
          • Requirements:
            • Android devices running 6 or later
            • iPhone/iPad running iOS 13 or later (older versions stay on version 11.0)
            • AppleWatch running watchOS 6 or later
            • macOS running Version OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) up to macOS Catalina.
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