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    1. 加入 Loxone 團隊

      Loxone 在全球擁有 300 多名員工,是行業內增長較快的公司。Loxone?對智能產品研發充滿熱情,持續奮進,Loxone 產品適用于智能家居、商業場所和特殊場景。立即加入我們,攜手并進。


      Loxone 的愿景是成為世界領先的智能家居制造商。為了實現這一目標,Loxone 將在未來幾年內繼續擴大團隊。
      現面向全國招聘銷售、技術支持、行政等行業人才,Loxone 重視有抱負、有洞察力和潛力的人。


      您可以通過電子郵件 info@loxone.cn,發送您的簡歷;或通過LinkedIn,51job等平臺發送簡歷;或致電:13482624121。




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      郵件地址 info@loxone.cn

      Automation Specialist

      You are one of a thousand?
      We are looking for graduates in electrical engineering, automation, electronics or IT 

      If you graduated in any of above fields and look for a job opportunity that will change your life, then keep on reading.?We are rapidly expanding our business in the international markets, above all China, where we have our own subsidiary located in Shanghai. 

      We search for a Chinese engineer who will, after an intensive 2-months trainee program in our Austrian headquarter, go back to Shanghai to start the challenge of his/her life. You will be trained on everything you need to know to grow Loxone in your market.??
      If you are willing to give it all, your career has no limit at Loxone. This job will be very challenging & difficult. We search for the best, so if you think you have what’s needed then contact us and make it through the tests!? 

      • Key Tasks
        Increasing the turnover in your responsible markets
        Deal with incoming partner requests and project plannings
        Understanding the other company and their business to make them successful
        Hold presentations (online) for interested new customers, handed over from the telesales department
        Hold trainings in front of ~20 customers and teach them everything required to install by themselves
        Plan and design showrooms for our best partners
        Assisting our subsidiaries and employees and take big responsibility 
      • Key Requirements
        Fluent written and spoken English
        Passion for automation / smart home / CO2 reduction
        Sales Enthusiasm
        Communication skills
        Electrical / Network / Programming skills
        High performance and overdelivery
        other languages would be beneficial 

      To see your full potential, we need your complete application documents including certificates and a motivation letter that explains why you are the best performer to hire. Note only complete applications can be considered.
      Are you ready to join forces with us and shape the future of building automation? Then let’s get started! 

      Please note that only applications in English can be considered.

      Customer Care and Telesales

      Do you already use your full potential? 

      We expand our Shanghai office and search for a Costumer Care Employee who will, after an intensive trainee program in our Austrian headquarter, join our Shanghai team to start the challenge of his/her life. The person we search for is highly motivated to make a career in an international company. 

      This job will be very challenging & difficult.
      But worth it, for those who want the best workplace for performers. 

      Key Tasks
      ?Contacting potential automation partners who are already interested in our solutions (no cold calls)
      ?Understanding the other company and their business to find a tailored solution for them
      ?Explaining our partner program and make meetings with our tech guys to sort out any questions
      ?Register existing customers onto annual trainings and inform them about special offers
      ?Close contact to marketing and the technical department to always keep track of the quality of new contacts
      ?Assisting our subsidiaries and employees
      ?Organize experience tours in our Showhome with interested end customers 

      Key Requirements
      ?Passion for automation / smart home / CO2 reduction
      ?experience in dealing with customers
      ?Communication skills
      ?Enjoy selling
      ?Think ahead and bring in own ideas
      ?Fluent written and spoken English 

      Please send us your complete application documents including certificates and motivation letter which explains why you are the best performer to hire. Note only complete applications in English can be considered. 

      Loxone 全球職位


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